Book Design
MathisJones Communications has designed a number of books with a variety of subject matters. Some books came to MathisJones with the design basically complete, like the Safari Experience book, and all they needed was some tweaking and set-up help. Other books were commissioned to MathisJones by various writers who had the concept but needed the actual design completed. For the Sportsman's Park book MathisJones did the concept, design and photo restoration. Dan O'Neil was selected to write his story about Sportsman's Park. Through their affiliate company, Monograph Publishing, the book was published in November of 2007. Monograph Publishing also published the Safari Experience and Wild...books in 2008. In the winter of 2009, Wrigley Field and the St. Louis Cardinal All-Stars books were released. The Civil War Travel Guide premiered in August 2010 and in September 2010, Ray and Me, a love story about Ray Charles and Marci Soto from Kirkwood, Missouri were released. In 2011 Mongograph Publishing released Collections of a Civil War Trivia Junkie,and collabrated with Father Ralph Wright to re-release his complete
catalog of poetry books including his new release The Eloquence of Truth about the atrocities of abortion. New books in the works include; Molly Green Likes Worms,Learning All The Time and Wilder... All books are currently available through Monograph Publishing or many fine on-line book stores.