Amadee Wohlschlaeger is an artist, a cartoonist, and a sports historian. Born in south St. Louis, Amadee developed a passion for drawing when he was just a small child. Fascinated by sports figures and movie celebrities, he spent every waking moment with his pencil in hand, capturing faces and figures on paper. Amadee's talent for bringing faces and figures to life has given sports fans a treasure of collectible art which chronicles local and national sports since the early 1930's. In May of 2000, Amadee's lifetime collection of art was purchased by David Ault, entrepreneur and owner of the prestigious Fox Run Golf Club in Eureka, Missouri. It is David's wish to share this collection of over 3,000 pieces, with the world through beautiful reproductions of Amadee's work.
The following is a partial list of the Amadee Collection of subjects. There are
several different drawings of each individual. Please call 636.938.1100 or email ( if you need more information or wish to purchase an Amadee reproduction. Ali, Muhammad
American League City
Berra, Yogi
Brock, Lou - 3,000
Bruce, Isaac
Buck, Jack
Buck, Jack and Herzog, Whitey
Busch Stadium
Cardinal Greats
Cardinal Roundup
Carter, Kevin
Comiskey Park
Devine, Bing
DeWitt/Veeck Will it Go Boom?
Dierdorf, Dan
Dobler, Conrad
Farr, D’Marco
Faulk, Marshall
First Professor
Football Cardinals
Garagiola, Joe
Gibson, Bob
Greatest Show on Earth Gussie Busch
Hanifan, Jim
Hart, Jim
Herzog, Whitey
Jalopy Jockeys
Joyner-Kersey, Jackie
Lahti, Worrell, Dayle
Landry, Tom and Madden, John
Lewis, Joe
Lyght, Todd
Macauley, Ed
Mantle, Mickey
Maris, Roger
Matthews, Eddie
McGwire, Mark
McGhee, Willie
Medwick, Joe
Metcalf, Terry
Milwaukee County Stadium
Missouri-Illinois Rivalry
Musial, Stan
Namath, Joe
Pace, Orlando Pettit, Bob
Pinson, Vada
Rams Portfolio
Rams Pro Bowl
Robinson, Frank
Ruth, Babe
Schoendienst, Red
Shannon, Mike
Sportsman’s Park
Two Senators
Veeck Browns Deal
Vermeil, Dick
Warner, Kurt
Wehrli, Roger
Wilkerson, Bill
Wilson, Larry
Wooden, John
Wrigley Field
Yankee Stadium
1957 All-Star Game
57-58 NCAA Championship